Mah Jong has been spending her winter off and around the Grenadian Island of Carriacou, where she's gotten a new paint job, and is now ready for the season.

We had a great time in the Bequia Regatta, two days of racing and winning with good people. Now we are off to Antigua for the classics on April 18th, with a crew of J.D., our first mate, and his partner, Hannah. Picking up some others along the way including Ea, Alex's sister and Pat!

New additions to the boat include a wicked spinnaker emblazoned with our stamp by Sperry Sails, a nice shade canopy to string up on anchor and a new hammock for some deck time. 


zada clarke

MAH JONG recently returned from a week long adventure up the East Coast from Vineyard Haven, MA to Camden, ME to partake in the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta. The feeder race led from Camden to Brookline through heavy fogs, although the skies cleared enough the next day to allow for an intense upwind zig zag and smooth coast downwind to the finish line. Mah Jong won 2nd place in Division C despite the maze of lobster pots, sneaky fog, high winds and occasional stagnant air.

With each sail, we learn more and more about the boat, what adjustments should be made, as well as additions to be added. Up next, a spinnaker pole will be fastened to allow us to go downwind faster. 

Other stops along the way included harbor fishing and icy water dips off of Burnt island, and Lobster dinners and swims in the quarry in VinelHaven. 

zada clarke